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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Special Thanks from Secretary, FUTA

The Silent protest march staged yesterday at COLOMBO was so successful that it has been able to draw the attention of political leaders, media, and general public.  It may signal the authorities many things if they keep maintaining the silence further on University teachers’ academic related issues.  The participation of the members was at the apex.  The length of the march, according to my belief, was more than two kilo meters. It was silent and solemn. This event boosted the morale and reflected the team spirits of all our members. This note is for appreciating the effort exerted by the organizing committee (members at SJP,  Kelaniya, Moratuwa, Open university and  Colombo) led by Dambara Amila HAMUDURUO and thanking  all the members who participated at the event. A special note is made for recognizing the “penetration” of University of Fine Arts. The students who reflected their high sense of hospitality for their teachers are also hereby highly appreciated and thanked.  Thanks, once again, for all the efforts of our members and students, keep going!

Prof. Neville Warnakulasooriya
Secratary - FUTA