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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cambridge Journals Content from 2009 and 2010 is FREE TO ACCESS for Six Weeks

Cambridge Journals

In order to reach out to new readers, who may not enjoy access to high quality scientific and academic research, all content published in 2009 and 2010 on Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) will be made free to access between 15th July and 30th August 2011.

We hope this period of free access enables researchers, students and interested individuals to benefit from some of the world’s most valuable academic content.  It will also enable Cambridge Journals to study patterns of usage and formulate improvements to CJO which will benefit all users of CJO going forwards.

To access the free articles, you can browse our journals by subject , or alphabetically by title. Once at a journal's homepage, you can find the free 2009 / 2010 material by expanding the 'Journal Menu' section of the left hand page menu, and clicking 'Back Volumes'. From there you'll be able to click down to Journal Issues and, subsequently, read or download individual articles. You don't need to have registered with CJO to read the free material, however to take advantage of all CJO functionality, including the ability to bookmark papers and save your searches, we recommend that you do so. Register for free here or at any other point on CJO, using the gold button at the left hand menu.

We hope that you enjoy this period of free access and that you will take the time to inform us about your experience. All comments can be sent to Cambridge via the CJO feedback page.