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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No to more foreign students - IUSF

Daily Mirror 21/06/2011

Increasing the quota of foreign student admissions hinders Higher Education chances for local students, the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) said as they criticized Higher Education ministry’s alleged plans to recruit more foreign students to universities.

According to IUSF Convener Sanjeewa Bandara, the quota of foreign student admissions which was only 0.5 percent has been increased up to 5 percent through a circular issued by the UGC to be effective from this year’s admissions onwards.

“Following the changes implemented by the UGC, at least 1100 foreign students will enter the local universities. This is a grave injustice done upon the local students because over 100,000 students lose chances for higher education due to the competitive nature of the A/L examination,” Bandara added.

He pointed out that currently over 2000 vacant positions are available in various universities countrywide. “The government boasts of expanding opportunities for higher education through the establishment of private universities. If they are genuine about their claims, they should first take measures to fill in the vacant positions,” he said.

Among some of the universities that have vacant positions for undergraduates are the Rajarata university (agriculture faculty – 170 positions), Ruhunu University (Science faculty – 132 positions) and Peradeniya University (Allied health Sciences faculty - 114). (Lakna Paranamanna)