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Saturday, July 2, 2011

University Teachers to continue its Trade Union Action

UTeachers Blog 02/07/2011

Given the profligacy of the government (in its spending), what University Academics are asking for is a mere pittance. Given the fact that FUTA initiated trade union action is for a just cause, the pressure on the government is immense.

FUTA struggle is gaining momentum. More and more University Teacher unions are still joining FUTA in support of our TU action. Maintaining pressure on the government will help us achieve our demands (delineated in Jiffry-Malik proposals of 2008) and help deal with the much anticipated education reforms.

At this moment it is important to highlight the original FUTA demands:
  1.  Implementation of the salary proposal made by the 2008 Jiffry-Malik committee. 
  2. Recognizing University Academics in a distinct professional category.
  3. Taking steps to increase spending on education up to 6% of the GDP.
We should also remember of our commitment as to the need to protect and uplift the higher education system in Sri Lanka. Our salary demands are merely a part of the process in achieving this.

Let higher education in Sri Lanka prosper, so that Sri Lanka can proudly ride towards a new dawn!