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Sunday, July 17, 2011

University of Moratuwa offers MBA in Management of Technology

The Sunday Times 17/07/2011

Following an MBA is often considered as an investment. Not only it gives a distinction to the student's educational profile but acts as a doorway to new horizons. The main purpose of following an MBA programme is to get a competitive edge in one's career. With this expectation in mind, the Department of Management of Technology in the University of Moratuwa is offering a unique MBA programme which caters to a wide arena of needs.

University of Moratuwa is one of Sri Lanka's most sought after universities. Its core curriculum is based on engineering studies. However, this MBA programme is not limited to engineers but open to all the interested parties regardless of their areas of specialization.
Prof. Chandana Perera | Head of Management of Technology Department

Established in the year 1998, the main purpose of the Department of Management of Technology [MOT] was to address the needs in Technology Management and training. With the industrialization of the society, almost all the professionals of any specialization have to face management of technology in their careers. The MBA in Management of Technology programme was implemented in recognition with this situation and providing a solution for the students who would like to hone their skills in technology management.

The MBA in Management of Technology was launched in the year 2002 and has so far produced 9 successful batches. Prof. Chandana Perera, Head of Department at MOT, explained that only 45 students are accepted for each academic year. The limited number ensures maximum effective learning environment where students are given individual attention by the lecturers.

The curriculum of this 2 years MBA programme consists of a common management core, a management of technology core, electives and a compulsory research project. Unique subject areas such as IT, e-business etc are also covered in the curriculum and the independent research module is focused on improving the analytical and leadership qualities of the student. To be eligible for this programme, the student should have a combination of educational and work experience. The student should have completed either a 4 year degree with 1 year work experience, or, 3 year degree with 2 years of work experience. The applicants with a professional membership and two years of work experience are also welcome to this programme.

The academic year starts in January each year and the classes are held daily in Colombo for the convenience of students. However, in order to give them the exposure and the experience of studying in a university, certain lectures are held in the premises of the University of Moratuwa during weekends. The lecturer panel is comprised of highly qualified university lecturers as well as business practitioners. Students are provided with state-of-the-art facilities including libraries, online support and journal collections. Prof. Perera said the students have the opportunity to pay the course fee in 3 instalments and loan facilities are arranged as well.
With this impressive MBA in Management of Technology, students can look forward to exciting challenges in life.
For more information on this programme, please visit : http://www.mot.mrt.ac.lk/ or contact MBA Administrative Officer Department of Management of Technology,
University of Moratuwa,
Sri Lanka.
Telephone: 94-11-2640433 / 2650365