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Monday, July 11, 2011

University leadership trainees shower praise on Navy

Daily News 11/07/2011


* Bouquets to Naval personnel

* Developed personality, positive thinking and leadership qualities

* All facilities provided

In appreciation of the leadership training received, the first batch of university entrants, who underwent their positive attitude development and leadership training from the Navy, held a felicitation ceremony at SLNS Shilpa at Thalathuoya, Kandy on July 6.

The students expressed their gratitude to the Navy at the function organized with voluntary participation to show their appreciation.

They presented trophies, letters and bouquets to the Naval personnel.

It was an emotional moment for the students and Naval personnel.

The function, the first of its kind held, paved way for students to show solidarity standing on the threshold of their adult lives to set off in quest for higher knowledge to win the world for their tomorrow.

The students spoke of the opportunities they had to develop their personality, positive thinking and leadership qualities during the training programme.

They said the experience has now enabled them to pursue their academic studies and to face future challenges with confidence.

The students stated that SLNS Shilpa welcomed them and made available all facilities they needed in a gesture of extending warm hospitality.

They provided them with comfortable accommodation and served them with food making the Naval camp a “home away from their homes”.

The students said the care they received, was warm and they had never felt homesick or lonely during the entire period.