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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Teacher Unions object to foreign students’ intake

Daily Mirror 12/07/2011

By Lakna Paranamanna

Teacher unions yesterday expressed their objection on increasing the intake of foreign students in local universities, pointing out that it will pave the way to the deterioration of free education and would also deprive higher education opportunities for local students. 

Ceylon Teachers Union (CTU) General Secretary Joseph Stalin speaking to Daily Mirror yesterday pointed out that in a situation where only about 0.1 percent of the total amount of A/L candidates obtains a chance to enter universities, it is unfair of the Higher Education Ministry to be filling the vacancies in universities with foreign students.

“The local students are going through hardships in obtaining opportunities for higher education. The Higher Education Ministry should provide priority for the local students prior to opening of avenues for foreign students,” he said.

According to Mr. Stalin following the intake of foreign students, charging a fee for university entrance will be systematically authorized. “This would only prompt the authorities to charge a fee from the local students from next year as well. The intake of foreign students will threaten the free education system as well,” he said. 

Speaking further he said that it does not make sense for quality development to be made an excuse for increasing the intake of foreign students as our degree courses are of high quality already. “Our degrees are recognized highly in any country. So how can the intake of foreign students develop the quality of the degree?” he questioned.