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Friday, July 8, 2011

Foreign students will not harm local university entrants - Minister

Daily News 08/07/2011

Higher Education Minister S B Dissanayake emphasized that providing opportunities for foreign students in Sri Lankan universities will not do any harm for local students. "We have increased the number of students. Last year it was around 21,000 and this year it is around 22,700. This shows that the policy will not affect opportunities for local students," he said. Addressing a press briefing at the Higher Education Ministry yesterday, the minister said the word 'university' means a gathering of the universe.

"There are three main facts to be a university. They are of being an institute that conducts research on new things, gatherings of national and international lecturers and students and globally employable graduates. "We have a plan to produce Asia's most cost effective education system," he said. Universities will be able to get a good income out of this. The minister said the third largest export income from Australia was of Higher Education.

This policy will not do any harm for local students and universities. "Sri Lanka will benefit immensely by all these activities," he added.