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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Students’ safety at risk – IUSF

Daily Mirror

The safety of students who are currently participating in the leadership training camps is in a hazardous state as the physical and mental health of students are deteriorating, the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) said today.

“A large number of incidents related to food poisoning and heavy injuries undergone by students have been reported from several camps. The most recent has been reported from the training centre in Maduruoya where two female students were hospitalized following the strenuous physical activities which are part of the training program,” IUSF Convener Sanjeewa Bandara said speaking at a media briefing held today.

According to Bandara one student had fractured her ankle as a result of a fall and the other had been suffering from Pneumonia and both had been admitted to the Aranaganwila hospital and then transferred to the Polonnaruwa hospital due to their critical conditions.

Speaking further Bandara said that the student with a fractured ankle has been advised by doctors to not walk for at least another three months. “Moreover, a lot of students are under extreme stress due to the rigorous activities they are made to go through. We have also received information from students in the Boossa camp that, some of the military personnel verbally abused them,” said Bandara adding that the government should take immediate measures to ensure the safety of these students.

Several attempts to contact the Higher Education Minister S.B. Dissanayake and the Higher Education Ministry Secretary Dr. Sunil J. Nawaratne to inquire of any measures which could be taken to ensure the safety of students, failed. (Lakna Paranamanna)