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Friday, June 10, 2011

Military Training for University Students

The Island


There is much ‘ha ho’ regarding the three weeks military training for those entering a university. It is a matter of three weeks and it would not interfere with the university curriculum. G. A. D. Sirimal, who wrote to ‘The Island’ on 27th May, questions whether military training is suitable for civilian leadership. I ask him, what has he got to say about the two years compulsory military service for all young men in the United States?

To my recollection, only former world champion boxer Mohammed Ali was exempted from military service on the plea that he was a Muslim Religious leader.

Of course, we have to consider whether such braining is worthwhile. Certainly, it would inculcate a sense of patriotism, sacrifice, discipline and punctuality. Not only will the students learn to be positive, but they will know how to act upon that positive feeling. These qualities, while causing a marked change in attitudes, will tend to make them aspire to be leaders in various fields. There is no better place than the military to instill these qualities.

Certainly scouting provides good training, but all students who enter a university will not be scouts. In any case, military training will lay more emphasis on discipline, courage and being methodical.

If the President too has the time to address these students before they leave the military school, it will be a real morale booster.

In the case of Muslim girls who wish to avoid this training, they may ask for exemption on religious grounds.