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Friday, June 17, 2011

CTSU withdraws from A/L paper marking process

Lanka Truth
Placing the 2011 A/L evaluation process at further risk, another teacher trade union yesterday announced its withdrawal from the paper marking process in order to express their solidarity with the academics’ trade union action.

Ceylon Teachers Service Union (CTSU) vowed to battle against the government’s alleged attempts of exploiting teachers to retaliate against the academics’ trade union action and the deterioration of standards in the education sector that has placed the future of children in grave danger.

While officially announcing their withdrawal from the evaluation process yesterday, CTSU said the decision was made to express their objection to the government’s attempts of suppressing the academics trade union by taking advantage of teachers.

“The government has waived  any impacts on the A/L evaluation process that could occur due to the withdrawal of academics, claiming that teachers will be appointed to fill in vacant positions of the evaluation process. This statement itself shows the level of ignorance of the government and the education ministry about maintaining standards of the A/L examination evaluation process and the higher education sector,” CTSU General Secretary Mahinda Jayasinghe said speaking at a media briefing yesterday. He said it was important for the government to understand the gravity of the issue and ensure that the demands of the academics are granted. “The academics’ trade union action is not simply a struggle for higher pay. It is a matter of respect and dignity,” he said. Moreover, he also added that their withdrawal would also be carried out to express their objection to the government’s failure to rectify the longstanding salary anomaly of teachers.

Speaking further Mr. Jayasinghe urged the government to ensure that the academics are granted their demands and the A/L evaluation process was carried out with the participation of the academics.